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The Talent Beam aims to shine a light on the talent and abilities of children through to young adults.
The founder, Lisa-Marie Jobson, has performed in the industry since the age of six on TV, Film and West End.
In 2008 Lisa founded Smartypants Agency, launched as a stepping-stone for San-Marie students into the world of showbiz, however due to demand we opened our books to one and all. Smartypants far exceeded any of our initial beliefs, spring-boarding members onto our TVs and into theatres up and down the country. Smartypants was eventually bought out in 2015 by Bubble TV. 
Now with a new team assembled, Lisa, Leanne, and Amy can offer a brand-new agency to represent both San-Marie students and other talented youngsters across Essex and beyond. We can offer the full package bringing you artists, casting facilities, chaperones, licensing, photographers, and studio space.
We look forward to representing new clients as part of The Talent Beam.

Amy, Leanne and Lisa

Acting as a sole agency for all members

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