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The Talent Beam FAQs

How do I become a member of The Talent Beam?


  • Complete the form under ‘join now’ and attach a clear headshot photograph.


  • Please allow up to 7 working days to hear back from us.


 How does The Talent Beam work?


  •  If you/your child are accepted, we then advise you to book an appointment with our recommended photographer to get high quality professional photos taken for your portfolio.  Each new member would require a headshot and full-length photo, plus a family photo if other members are also part of The Talent Beam. We can accept non-professional photos, but only if they are deemed a high enough standard.


  • Once we have the photos, we can then create your/your child’s online portfolio on our website.  If registered for the talent division, we will invoice you the cost of the website inclusion fee.  If registered for photographic work only, the website inclusion fee will be taken from your/your child’s first earnings.


            San-Marie members £45 / siblings who are also San-Marie members £40

            Non San-Marie members £55 / siblings who are non San-Marie members £45

            We offer free website inclusion for babies from birth up until their third birthday and members who join Spotlight

  • The profile will then go live and we can start submitting your portfolio via spotlight, or directly to Casting Directors, for any assignments that meet your/your child’s criteria.  Please note, we will not contact you each time you/your child are submitted for work.

Please understand that Casting Directors will always look at members who are registered on Spotlight first. All castings are divided into easy-to-view categories with direct links to each agent, making finding and booking an Artiste for a casting/job a quick and simple experience for all involved. Only once the Casting Director has viewed all spotlight applicants will they then go through the list of email applicants.


What happens if I get called up for a casting/audition?


  • You may get as little as 24 hours notice for a casting/audition.  These are usually outside of school hours; however this cannot be guaranteed.  We recommend you tell your child’s school that they have been registered with a talent agency.


  • We will call/email to confirm your/your child’s casting/audition.


  • You will need to cover the travel costs for castings/auditions.


  • Please arrive promptly.


  • Children need to be taken to castings/auditions by one parent/guardian.


  • It is advisable to have a small bag ready for any castings/auditions.  Contents should include your agency details, pen, notepad and tape measure.


What to wear?


  • Unless requested, do not wear any jewellery, nail varnish or make up (if 16 years and under).


  • Unless requested, wear hair loose or in a hairstyle that shows the full length when taking a photo.


  • Unless requested, wear colourful plain clothing.  No logos or motifs. The simpler the better, after all we would prefer the Casting Director to see the Artiste rather than where they shop.


  • After your casting/audition, please do not contact us regarding an update.  If you/your child are successful, we will let you know as soon as we hear.  We rarely receive feedback after a casting/audition, however in the event that we do, we will forward any comments.


  • If on the day of the casting/audition, you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, please let us know immediately via phone or email. If an Artiste continuously cancels or cannot attend castings/auditions, they will be removed from our website.


What happens if I gain work?


  • As soon as a booking is confirmed we will start to apply for your licence from your local council, this can take up to 21 days, but we hope to have it returned in seven days providing we can collect all the information required, which will include a copy of your child’s birth certificate.


  • Once the licence is confirmed, the job will be secured and booked.


How does the agency earn money?


  • Like all agencies, we earn money through commission from any jobs you/your child secures through us. Our commission is 25% for modelling and commercial work, on all buyouts & usage fees. 20% on invoices for £99 or less. 15% for theatre and stage. 


Am I guaranteed work?


  • Unfortunately, no agency can guarantee work for any of their Artistes.  We do not know in advance what jobs will come up and what our clients will be looking for.

What happens if I decide I want to leave The Talent Beam?

  • There is no contract that requests any member to stay with The Talent Beam for a length of time. If our members choose to leave our agency, we have a one-month notice period for artistes which must be confirmed in writing.



We hope the above has given you an insight into being part of The Talent Beam, and we hope you will choose us to represent you/your child.

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